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"If your child has speech delay, trust me, Anisha is the best professional to consider. My son Ryan who is 3 years old and has speech delay due to Autism has shown tremendous improvement. In just one month time he started speaking so many words. Anisha is a very warm, friendly and yet professional lady. She will put all her efforts for your child’s improvement. You don’t have to think twice, I highly recommend her. Thank you."

-- Harkirat Kaur

"Anisha has been working with my son since June and she has done an amazing job with him throughout the summer. She provides at home sessions and also was able to provide on-site observation and support sessions at my son's daycare. Anisha is very engaging and experienced with young kids and my son adored her from the beginning. She was able to not only provide him immediate speech support but also offered many great recommendations/tips for us to use at home. We can already see a great improvement in my son's speech development in a few months. Highly recommended!!"


-- Vivian Chen

"I am currently an undergraduate student hoping to apply to the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences at UBC. Part of the application process requires observing and interviewing a speech-language pathologist and audiologist. I contacted Anisha to see if I could observe and interview her and she exceeded my expectations. She was so considerate about making sure I got the most out of my experience and gave me a ton of application and career advice. During the observation, you could tell the kids were excited to see her and enjoyed the variety of games she provided as they made the learning process fun. She also has great interpersonal skills and you can tell that she's passionate about what she does. She is an incredible role model and I can't thank her enough for how much she helped and taught me."


-- Serah Saber

"My son (who is nine) started sessions with Anisha this summer. He was in SLP classes in SD43 during the school year. We felt he need some extra help with his annunciation of certain letters/ words. He has been meeting with Anisha weekly, he has made such an improvement already. He is really enjoying the sessions with her, and looks forward to each one. I was so happy to find a SLP that can come to your house, work on exactly what my child needed to focus on. Anisha communicates all the details of the session and what to focus on. She is also a lovely person. I highly recommend her."


-- Lynn Mackay


"I contacted a few SLP’s for my toddler & Anisha was quick to get back to me. It was so convenient as she did an at-home visit. She gave me great tips to practice on our own & was very reassuring. Would recommend her without hesitation!"


-- Pam Sidhu

"If you are looking for a speech therapist that treats you like family, then you have found a gem!! From the moment Anisha and I had our first phone call I felt a huge relief knowing that my son would finally get the help he needed, and not just from anyone, but from someone who genuinely cared for my son and our family. Due to my sons speech delay, I was so concerned for his first year of school. I was worried that he wouldn't make friends because of the struggle he had with pronouncing words and forming sentences. Anisha has been so patient, so kind, and so incredibly helpful through every stage of this process. She has helped my son gain confidence with his speech, which has dramatically changed the way he interacts with children, his teachers at school, and with us here at home. Anisha has only ever been accommodating with us. Therapy sessions are done in the comfort of our home, and she always brings new games and fun activities that my son always looks forward too! There are not enough words to say thank you. Without Anisha I believe that my son would not be the chatty, confidence boasting, little man that he is today. I would give 10 stars if google let me!!"


-- E.W.

"Anisha is an amazing speech therapist. During our initial phone call, she took the time to really understand what my concerns were when it came to my kids speech and sound errors. I truly felt like she genuinely cared about them and I was not let down. She always takes the time to share her observations after each class and follows up by e-mail with more explanation when needed. She is so good and knowledgable at what she does. My kids don't even realize they are getting speech therapy because the sessions are so fun. They always look forward to their sessions with such excitement. I would recommend Anisha to anyone looking for a speech therapist in a heartbeat!"


-- Stella Jade

"Anisha is fantastic with little kids. We saw much improvement with our 3 year old toddler in a short time!"


-- Undarmaa Enkhbat

"It has been a privilege to have Anisha as our son’s speech language pathologist. He was in grade 1 when we started seeking professional help for his difficulties with motor speech production. That’s when a friend of mine told us she had heard of someone... Anisha is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated clinician. She is thorough in her assessment and intervention approach, and we were so excited to see huge improvement after just a few appointments. During this time, we also noticed that my son had a mild stutter, and since then Anisha has been teaching him helpful techniques to improve his fluency. We truly felt like our concerns were heard and prioritized by Anisha in therapy. After each session, Anisha always takes the time to share her observations and explain the data she collected, as well as to address any questions that we have. Anisha is so kind and caring and working with her has been a wonderful experience."


-- Madhvi Sharma

"We first contacted Anisha due to articulation concerns with our daughter and I am very glad we did.  She quickly made a connection with our daughter and made learning new sounds fun and engaging for her.  We are so thankful to have worked with Anisha. As parents, Anisha gave us the confidence to continue practicing the new strategies implemented with our daughter in speech therapy independently. We would recommend Anisha to anyone looking for a friendly and effective experience!"

-- Pat and Karen Moran

"My son is 12 years-old in grade 7 and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Dyslexia.  We were new to Canada during the Summer in 2018.  At the beginning year, my son was having difficulty at school due to limited language and not being understood by his peers.  Also, he was turning to the age of having teenage behavior problems which doesn't like to listening and trusting adults. Thankfully, we were getting a great support from school team and it helped to form a home team with Anisha, SLP and our Behavioural Consultant. Initially, my son was refusing to have extra work after school but after just two appointments with Anisha, he beginning to genuinely enjoy their weekly sessions. I believe this is due to Anisha’s passion for helping children and her way of encouraging internal motivation by giving them opportunities to be successful. Anisha uses her expertise to trying many different approaches to target therapy goals in the context of his interests. I am feeling very grateful for Anisha's service and looking forward to my son's continued progress."

-- Sophia Leung

"I was given Anisha’s number from a friend who happens to be a principal in School District #43.  Anisha got in touch with me and offered a consultation over the phone. She took the time to discuss my son's stuttering issues and asked several questions to better understand what he was dealing with. She was willing to email me, at no extra charge, different strategies to help my son with his stuttering. She made herself available to me as needed, but didn’t pressure me to start therapy right away.  In fact, she did the opposite. As my son's periods of stuttering would come and go in waves, Anisha recommended that we wait until it recurred, so that she could provide a more accurate diagnosis and be more helpful to him. I appreciated her kindness and her calm demeanor over the phone. 


A few weeks had passed and the stuttering seemed to become more consistent. Anisha came to my home and had a session with my son face-to-face. She made it fun for him and was very positive in her reinforcements with him. Again, because he was also having therapy sessions in school, she did not pressure me to keep private sessions going with her. She was willing to put herself aside and said to reach out again if needed anytime in the future. 


I appreciated so much her kindness and willingness to put my son first and his needs above her own business needs. I will definitely be in touch with Anisha once his school sessions end and would love for her to continue working with my son as needed. 


I would highly recommend Anisha to anyone needing a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is great!!"

-- Marianna Seminoff

"We were referred to Anisha through a friend. Our son was 6 years old and had a number of speech sound errors, some of which were no longer considered developmental in nature. Anisha was highly professional and had an excellent rapport with both my husband and myself, as well as with our son. Her therapy sessions were engaging and focused, and we saw quick and clear positive results. Now that our son's sound substitution errors have been remediated, he is sad he can no longer see her! We are confident that anyone looking for a speech therapist will be happy with Anisha's work. She has our highest recommendation."

-- Erika and Luke Ireland

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